On a purely practical and material level, to become a Lyft driver you will only need a car and a smartphone.


Different, and more complicated, is the discussion regarding the personal requirements that one must have in order to apply for Lyft. 

In addition to an innate passion for driving (due to the many hours of work, as well as the not always optimal driving conditions due to traffic, bad weather, etc.) you need a predisposition for a job in close contact with people. It is a fact being one of the closest and most intimate jobs with customers. If you do not like the idea of bringing people in your car, we suggest you delivery jobs for companies like , Waitr, Caviar or Favor.

To become a rideshare driver it will also be essential to know perfectly the area in which you work, the "shortcuts" and the roads, have patience and empathy towards your customers, have the ability to drive safely, demonstrate friendliness and listening skills, as well as possess organization and management skills and financial acumen.

If you have the personal requirements and skills mentioned above, becoming a Lyft driver is a side hustle more than recommended. In addition Lyft offers earnings guaranteed if you sign up with our .

Whatever Your Reason for Considering being a rideshare driver... You Have Come to the Right Place!

To become a Lyft driver you do not need a degree or a diploma. Here is a list of all the requirements to qualify for Lyft:

Lyft Driver Requirements

The requirements to drive with Lyft are:

1. You must be at least 21 years old

2. Have a smartphone (iPhone or android) for the Lyft driver app

3. Have a U.S. driver’s license

4. Have an in-state driver’s license

5. Have a 4-door vehicle that is 10 years old or newer (in most cities) or rent one with Express Drive

6. Have an in-state auto insurance with your name on the policy

7. In-state license plates with current registration

8. You must have a social security number

9. Pass a background check and a driving record check

10. A checking account or debit card to cash out your earnings with instant pay