The big tech companies that have experienced that the future of artificial intelligence is really bright have started to devote quite large budgets to this technology.


They developed artificial intelligence that would attract people in general, increasing their knowledge of artificial intelligence as well as conducting public relations (PR) studies. Google ‘s parent company Alphabet ' s DeepMind company announced that they are developing artificial intelligence to detect visual impairment, and Google ‘s artificial intelligence to detect child abuse content on the internet, which is still working on many other inventions such as. 

Of course, these are non-secret, human-powered artificial intelligence studies. What if there are those who are hidden from us and who could harm humanity in the future? Unfortunately, those who have studied this subject in depth can't help but ask themselves this question.

Interesting examples of artificial intelligence developed in the field of art Artificial Intelligence artists! you can check my post titled.

An Interesting Artificial Intelligence developed by Facebook: Alice and Bob

Facebook has designed chat robots (chat bots) for artificial intelligence research. They planned for these robots to learn to negotiate, to negotiate, by mimicking people's exchanges and exchanges.

They also set their language of conversation in English. But there was something strange about the conversation between two A. I. s named Alice and Bob. Because of a mistake in design that was thought to be caused by some deficiencies in the English language, these artificial intelligences had begun to develop their own language. Yeah, you didn't hear wrong! These artificial intelligences solved this software deficiency by inventing their own language. Facebook had to shut down that program after a while.

Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence Study: Twitter Robot Tay

An example of Microsoft's artificial intelligence work is a Twitter chat bot called Tay. Microsoft had designed Thai artificial intelligence to improve itself by reading and learning tweets posted on Twitter. But things didn't go the way they wanted! The @ TayandYou profile for Thai was closed within 24 hours. What was the reason?

Hello World tweet ' i started with Twitter life after a while racist, abusive, Nazi-loving, anti-sexism, profane content of plenty of tweets continued this artificial intelligence's life was ended.

In fact, Tay doesn't seem to be at fault, does he ? Because he learned a little something from everyone on Twitter and expressed them. The world must be a bad place! Look, we contaminated even the AI boat Tay before long. Could the artificial be the first artificial intelligence foal whose intelligence we defiled?