With the help of Google Artificial Intelligence, breast cancer diagnosis has begun to get more successful results from specialist doctors.


DeepMind, the British artificial intelligence service the Internet giant bought in 2014, has long been working on breast cancer. 

The most common type of cancer among women is breast cancer, which is unfortunately one of the most difficult to diagnose. Early diagnosis of this disease, which is a major risk for women, is also vital.

The new artificial intelligence diagnostic method developed by DeepMind and put into practice in hospitals has achieved greater diagnostic success than even doctors.

Artificial intelligence, which will turn the diagnostic process of breast cancer into a cheaper, more practical and faster process, also appears to have reduced the examination error rate by between 5% and 9.5%.

While specialist doctors should focus on the patient's history, history, and cases of cancer in family members during diagnosis, artificial intelligence only reaches its conclusion by analyzing the latest mammogram.

In the face of the world's growing population, artificial intelligence is increasingly needed in health care, especially in the areas of inspection and diagnosis.

It is also known that a huge increase has been observed in the number of patients being served, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence in some hospitals in the UK. Artificial intelligence is currently used extensively, especially from diagnosis of eye diseases.